Help us preserve archaeological sites


Members of the Powell Archaeological Research Center (PARC) are actively volunteering to salvage archaeological data from sites being destroyed in the American Bottom. Salvaging sites is only one of the purposes of PARC. The Center will be used as an educational resource for university students, teaching prehistoric crafts, and instructing pre-college educators of the importance of archaeology.

Tax-deductible annual membership dues for PARC are:

  • Active Individual - $10.00

  • Active Family - $15.00

  • Contributing - $50.00

  • Life Member - $150.00 and up

  • Institutional membership - $50.00

Members are accorded a 10% discount on books and any events such as workshops.

View our 2016 Membership Newsletter.

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If you have any questions, please contact PARC.

Thank you for your support!