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Late Woodland SocietiesLate Woodland Societies: Tradition and Transformation across the Midcontinent.
Edited by Thomas E. Emerson, Dale L. McElrath, and Andrew C. Fortier

University of Nebraska Press
ISBN 0803218214, 736 pages

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Book Description From the Dust Jacket

"Archaeologists across the Midwest have pooled their data and perspectives to produce this indispensable volume on the Native cultures of the Late Woodland period (approximately A.D. 300-1000). Sandwiched between the well-known Hopewellian and Mississippian eras of monumental mound construction, the Late Woodland period has received insufficient attention from archaeologists..."
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Table of Contents

Part 1. A Late Woodland Overview

1. Social Evolution or Social Response? A Fresh Look at the "Good Gray Cultures" After Four Decades of Midwest Research (Dale L. McElrath, Thomas E. Emerson, and Andrew Fortier)

2. Regional Variations in Plant Use Strategies in the Midwest During the Late Woodland (Mary L. Simon)

3. Late Woodland Faunal Exploitation in the Midwestern United States (Bonnie W. Styles)

Part 2. The American Bottom

4. The Early Late Woodland Occupation of the American Bottom (Dale L. McElrath and Andrew Fortier)

5. The Formation of a Late Woodland Heartland in the American Bottom, Illinois cal A.D. 650-900 (Andrew Fortier and Douglas Jackson)

6. Late Woodland on the Edge of Looking Glass Prairie: A Scott Joint-Use Archaeological Project Perspective (George R. Holley)

7. The Nature and Context of Emergent Mississippian Cultural Dynamics in the Greater American Bottom (John E. Kelly)

Part 3. Missouri

8. Late Woodland Archaeology in Missouri (Michael C. Meinkoth, Robert J. Hoard, Robert L. Reeder, and Joseph L. Harl)

9. The Maramec Spring Phase (Robert L. Reeder)

10. Late Woodland in Central Missouri: The Boone Phase (Robert J. Hoard)

11. The Late Woodland Period in Northeast Missouri (Michael C. Meinkoth)

12. Late Woodland Sites Along the Lower Missouri River Valley, St. Louis and St. Charles Counties, Missouri (Joseph L. Harl)

Part 4. The Illinois River Valley and Central Mississippi River Trench

13. Late Woodland in the Mississippi Valley of West-Central Illinois: The Sny Bottom (Jodie A. O'Gorman and Harold Hassen)

14. Late Woodland Occupations in the Lower Illinois Valley: Research Questions and Data Sets (Sarah Studenmund)

15. Late Woodland Peoples in West-Central Illinois (William Green and David J. Nolan)

16. The Late Woodland Maples Mills and Mossville Phase Sequence in the Central Illinois River Valley (Duane Esarey)

Part 5. The Upper Mississippi River Trench and Great Lakes

17. The Des Plaines Complex and the Late Woodland Stage of Northern Illinois (Thomas E. Emerson and Anne R. Titelbaum)

18. Late Woodland Cultures in Iowa (David W. Benn and William Green)

19. The Late Woodland Stage in the Driftless Area of the Upper Mississippi Valley (James B. Stoltman and George W. Christiansen)

20. The Horicon and Kekoskee Phases: Cultural Complexity in the Late Woodland Stage in Southeastern Wisconsin (Philip H. Salkin)

21. Adaptive Strategies and Socioeconomic Systems in Northern Great Lakes Riverine Environments: The Late Woodland of Michigan (Janet G. Brashler, Elizabeth B. Garland, Marget B. Holman, William A. Lovis, and Susan R.. Martin)

Part 6. The Ohio River Trench and Midsouth Borderlands

22. The Late Woodland Period in Southern Ohio: Basin Issues and Prospects (Mark F. Seeman and William S. Dancey)

23. Late Woodland Cultures in Kentucky (David Pollack and A. Gwynn Henderson)

24. The Late Woodland to Late Prehistoric Occupations of Central Indiana (Brian G. Redmond and Robert G. McCullough)

25. Land Between the Rivers: The Late Woodland Period of Southernmost Illinois (Brian M. Butler and Mark)

26. The Late Woodland Southeast (Michael S. Nassaney)